"What a fantastic, magical place. Great food, great people ...it does not get any better than this!"
Jim & Angela, Washington
Dec 2012

Nestled in the foothills of the Maya Mountains in southern Belize, there is a magnificent rainforest with an abundance of wildlife, birdlife, dense tropical trees , rivers and waterfalls.

Within this rainforest lies a secret
- The Farm Inn - a private nature reserve encompassing all the natural elements for which the Toledo District of Belize is so famous. 

If you wish to experience the magic of nature in comfort combined with service excellence, The Farm Inn is your perfect choice.

Our accommodations are spacious and elegant and provide beautiful views of the surrounding canopies of trees and lush vegetation. Birdwatchers and nature lovers will be in their element - many species of birds abound and our trails along the creeks provide surprise sightings of indigenous animals such as the agouti, tayra and peccary.  Catch a glimpse of the spectacular blue morpho butterfly, or the many other jewel colored butterflies and other insects which make the jungle their home.  

The Farm Inn is a working cacao farm with around 3000 cacao trees and a variety of other fruit trees.  Domestic farm birds - ducks, turkeys, guinea fowl and chickens - roam freely around the property. 

The Farm Inn Restaurant serves an interesting and tasty blend of Belizean and African cuisine & our fully licensed bar offers a variety of beers, spirits, wines and cocktails for every taste. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the magically different experience of The Farm Inn.

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