It is with great sadness that we announce

The Farm Inn will be closed for business until further notice.

Variable seedeater

White-collared seedeater

Yellow-faced grassquit

Blue-black grassquit

Thick-billed seedfinch

Blue-gray tanager

Yellow-winged tanager

Summer tanager

Crimson-collared tanager

Passerini's tanager

Red-throated ant-tanager

Red-crowned ant-tanager


Yellow-throated euphonia

White-vented euphonia

Scrub euphonia

Olive-backed euphonia

Blue-black grosbeak

Rose-breasted grosbeak

Blue grosbeak

Black-headed saltator

Buff-throated saltator

Grayish saltator

Indigo bunting

Painted bunting

Blue bunting

Green-backed sparrow

Orange-billed sparrow

Olive sparrow

Savannah sparrow

Melodious blackbird

Great-tailed grackle

Bronzed cowbird

Giant cowbird

Black-cowled oriole

Baltimore oriole

Orchard oriole

Yellow-tailed oriole

Yellow-bellied cacique

Chestnut-headed oropendula

Montezuma oropendula.

Tawny-winged woodcreeper

Wedge-billed woodcreeper

Ivory-billed woodcreeper

Northern schiffornis

Greenish elaenia

Northern bentbill

Common tody flycatcher

Slate-headed tody flycatcher

Northern beardless tyrannulet

Yellow-bellied tyrannulet

Paltry tyrannulet

Ochre-bellied flycatcher

Yellow-olive flycatcher

Tropical peewee

Eastern woodpeewee

Greater peewee

Least flycatcher

Yellow-bellied flycatcher

Bright-rumped attila

Vermillion flycatcher

Dusky-capped flycatcher

Great-crested flycatcher

Brown-crested flycatcher

Great kiskadee

Boat-billed flycatcher

Social flycatcher

Piratic flycatcher

Tropical Kingbird

Couch's kingbird

Eastern kingbird

Sulphur-bellied flycatcher

White-collared manakin

Red-capped manakin

Red-legged honeycreeper

Masked tityra

Black crowned tityra

White winged becard

Rose-throated becard

Yellow-bellied tyrannulet

Lesser greenlet

Yellow-throated vireo

Red-eyed vireo

Yellow-green vireo

Plumbeous vireo

White-eyed vireo

Black-whiskered vireo

Brown jay

Gray catbird

Spot-breasted wren

White-breasted wood-wren

Nightingale wren

Long-billed gnatwren

Blue-gray gnatcatcher

Tropical gnatcatcher

Cedar waxwing

Wood thrush

Clay-colored thrush

Swainson's thrush

Gray-throated chat


Louisiana waterthrush

Northern waterthrush

Black-and-white warbler

Tennessee warbler

Hooded warbler

Magnolia warbler

Yellow warbler

Yellow-throated warbler

Chestnut-sided warbler

Black-throated green warbler

Wilsons warbler

Golden-winged warbler

Blue-winged warbler



Common yellow-throat

Grace's warbler

Canada warbler

Worm-eating warbler

Yellow-breasted chat 

Gray crowned yellowthroat

Bare throated tiger heron

Little blue heron

Plain chachalaca

Great tinamou

Little tinamou

Thicket tinamou

Ruddy crake

Grey-breasted crake

Black vulture

Turkey vulture

King vulture

Gray-headed kite

Short-tailed hawk

Gray hawk

Zone-tailed hawk

Plumbeous kite

Ornate hawk-eagle

White hawk

Bat falcon

Laughing falcon

Vermiculated screech owl Mottled owl

Common pauraque

Red-billed pigeon

Scaled pigeon

Short-billed pigeon

Ruddy ground dove

Blue ground dove

White-tipped dove

Gray chested dove

Ruddy quail dove

Caribbean dove

Gray-fronted dove

Squirrel cuckoo

Groove-billed ani

White-necked Jacobin

Long-billed hermit

Stripe-throated hermit

Green-breasted mango

Ruby-throated hummingbird

White-bellied emerald

Rufous-tailed hummingbird

Canivet's emerald

Wedge-tailed sabrewing

Scaly-breasted hummingbird

Black-headed trogon

Gartered trogon

Slaty-tailed trogon

Lesson's Mot-mot

White-necked puffbird

Green kingfisher

Collared aracari

Keel-billed toucan

Emerald toucanet

Golden-fronted woodpecker Lineated woodpecker

Golden-olive woodpecker Ladder-backed woodpecker Pale-billed woodpecker

Smoky-brown woodpecker White-crowned parrot

Red-lored parrot

Olive-throated parakeet

Brown-hooded parrot

Mealy parrot

Barred antshrike

Dusky antbird

Black-faced antthrush

Rufous-breasted spinetail

Dot-winged antwren

Western slaty-antshrike

Great antshrike.