Proud members of the Belize Audubon Society, we participate in the annual 24 hour Bird-a-thon in support of the Belize Bird Conservancy.  The area of Cattle Landing, near Punta Gorda is a well-known migratory corridor for multitudes of raptors annually, and we encourage birders to visit from October to December to join in the daily count.  We'll even provide transport to get you there daily.



Stay at The Farm Inn and have easy access to an incredibly diverse range of habitats, from the edge of the Caribbean Sea near Punta Gorda to the tall peaks of the Maya Mountain range.  Wide trails on the property with various fruit trees, tangled undergrowth and a raised tower to observe canopy birds make this an ideal location to find the species common to lowland broadleaf forests.

Visiting warblers abound from January through April, tanagers are around most of the time as are flycatchers.  Mot-mots start the dawn chorus, followed by raucous chachalacas while various pigeons and doves add their mournful notes.  Hummingbirds squeak and in the distance the haunting call of a tinamou entices you along the trails in the hope of sighting this shy bird.  White-collared manikins snap their wings in the leks along one of the trails, while various trogons sing in the trees, and then curiously watch you watching them.

Check our e-bird list (The Farm Inn) for more information on commonly sighted birds.  With the rice fields at the foot of the hills leading to The Farm Inn, wood storks, roseate spoonbills and various herons are easy to spot, while kingfishers join roadside hawks perching on wires to spot their prey in the pools near the road.