the farm

At The Farm Inn we respect nature and try to keep activities on the farm as unintrusive as possible. No hunting, logging or other invasive activities are permitted on the property and every possible effort is made by us all to uphold and maintain this approach. Organic and sustainable farming procedures are followed and where possible recycling of waste material is utilised.

​The farm has over 8000 cacao trees, about 1000 coffee bushes and a variety of other fruit trees to attract birds.  We are committed to organic farming practices.  Some of our produce is available in our self catering food basket.

Chocolate tours can be arranged - once you have tasted real chocolate you will know why it is called the food of the gods.  Learn about the harvesting, fermenting and drying process and then see how authentic Mayan chocolate is ground on a stone matate into a paste, add sweetener to taste and enjoy.

We also grow yellow ginger (turmeric) and make our own delicious and healthy turmeric paste.   

Our small flock of layer chickens provides eggs, and all the other domestic fowl encountered around the farm area are pets, so not destined for the  pot.  Their patrols around the buildings take care of some of the jungle critters with more than four legs!
A variety of medicinal plants grown on site or occurring naturally in the jungle are also used for herbal teas.

The Farm Inn

About Us 

The Farm Inn is an organic farm offering accommodation in a breathtaking jungle setting,  located in the rainforest at the foothills of the Maya Mountains of Belize.  Owners Kevin and Renee Brown set off as sailors with their family, planning to sail around the world. They made it as far as Belize where they traded yacht for farm and applied some of the lessons learnt while sailing to create this off-the-grid jungle retreat.

The vibe at the Farm Inn is easy-going and relaxed; the plan is for you to enjoy your holiday and leave refreshed and revitalized.

It is with great sadness that we announce

The Farm Inn will be closed for business until further notice.

What to expect

We are committed to ecologically friendly practices in all aspects of the farm and the inn. Solar power is used in preference to generator power whenever possible; every tree cut down is replaced by hundreds more; we hire our staff from nearby villages;
all living creatures are treated with respect and care.

The road to The Farm Inn is excellent, paved all the way until you enter our property, so no need for 4 wheel drive vehicles.  Our four large dogs usually make it out into the parking area to welcome guests long before we do.  They love accompanying guests on walks around the farm and are really good at guiding lost hikers back to the inn.  Toss a cahune nut for them to chase and they'll be your friends for life.