It is with great sadness that we announce

The Farm Inn will be closed for business until further notice.

We recommend visiting local restaurants to experience Belizean food.  In San Antonio Riverside Cafe does takeaway food; in Big Falls Coleman's is a great Creole food restaurant and Nim Ha, also in Big Falls specialises in Mayan dishes. Punta Gorda has a number of restaurants or stop at one of the Cool Spots along the main road to Punta Gorda for a cold drink and local food.   

Our restaurant will only be available by prior arrangement for groups on a fixed itinerary.  If you require a room only with breakfast and dinner, please contact us directly to make arrangements.  Our restaurant area can be used as a gathering place for groups.

To purchase your own supplies, we recommend visiting Punta Gorda and buying fresh produce from the large vegetable market near the clock tower in town.  Several supermarkets in the town stock frozen meats, dairy products and dry and canned goods. There are a couple of stores in the village of San Antonio which now also stock frozen meat and chicken as well as dry goods, sodas, beers, etc.  There is also a take out option for chicken and fries in San Antonio.

We know that some items, such as  herbs and spices, are sold in quantities larger than you would probably need for a short stay and so we provide the following complementary basket:

Salt and black pepper; curry powder; season-all; cinnamon and paprika.