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Two well-known Mayan ruin sites are located within 12 miles of The Farm Inn.  Lubaantun is the largest and renowned as the place where the famous crystal skull was found.  Along the road to Lubaantun is the very interesting Chaos Oasis earthship.   Nim Li Punit is a little further away but worth the drive - a very recent discovery at this ruin is the second largest jane pendant found in Belize, inscribed with historical text.  This discovery may hold the key to the mysterious abandonment of many of these ancient sites in Belize.

Within walking distance of The Farm Inn is the lesser known site of Uxbenka, only very partially excavated enhancing one's understanding of the amazing work done by archeologists.


Visit a Mayan home in the village of Big Falls for an interactive experience seeing how the Maya lived 50 years ago, using what the jungle provides to fashion furniture, make medicine and feed their families. See how jungle plants are used to provide the fibres for making hammocks and baskets and learn to weave a basket. 


At the Warasa Drumming School in Punta Gorda learn how to make drums and play them, a very popular family activity.


Toledo District is considered to have the most extensive cave system in Belize, although not as widely advertised as other regions.  From the cave swim of the Blue Creek Cave system, to the stunning beauty of Tiger Cave near San Miguel, this unique adventure will leave you inspired and energised like no other.  We work with acknowledged expert guide Bruno Kuppinger who not only leads his groups into the dark, secret depths of remote and mysterious caves, but brings them all back, intact but forever altered by an experience like no other. 


The Port Honduras Marine Reserve encompasses many mangrove cays.   More remote than the cays further north, the fish are more plentiful.  A little further east is the Sapodilla Cayes Marine Reserve where the snorkelling is sublime.


Spend a day hiking old Mayan trails connecting villages before roads were built; or take the jungle survival expedition, hiking in a remote part of Toledo, spending the night in the jungle, eating what you have gleaned from the forest with utensils you have made yourself, and then build your own sleeping shelter.